Evening stroll along Hunter Creek Reservoir, Reno NV

Rochelle and Elias’ Wedding

Congratulations to Rochelle and Elias! It was a gorgeous summer day at a beautiful outdoor venue with family and friends. The bride looked stunning in her white dress and the groom looked handsome in his military uniform. It was an honor to capture these moments with my photography assistant/sister Chelsey Reid. This was my first wedding as the main photographer. It was an incredible experience and I’m grateful I got to photograph Mr. and Mrs. Perez’s special day.

Stunning Sunsets and Sunrises at Virginia Lake, Reno NV

The Fletcher Wedding

I had the honor of photographing my family friends’ wedding at Bella Rose Estate, a gorgeous venue in Phoenix Arizona. Congratulations Kris and Glen!

Spring family photo shoot on a beach in Lake Tahoe

Fall Family photo shoot

Volunteers bring magic to those in need on Thanksgiving

It was an honor to photograph this special Thanksgiving event at the Family Resource Center in Reno, NV. Thank you to Jay Queniahan for coordinating these type of events every holiday. Thank you to all the volunteers who donated their time, smiles and kindness bringing magic to those in need on Thanksgiving.

Some photos are blurry to protect people’s identity.

Landscapes make great Christmas gifts and Wall Decor

Happy December 1st! Christmas is around the corner and these gorgeous landscapes make great Christmas gifts. View more of my outdoor photography at http://www.outdoorifeadventures.org and contact me for pricing.

Outdoor Adventures become Good Deeds

It’s been an adventurous good deed Wednesday. Went for a walk with my dogs & found this little dog lost on the trail. Brought him home to his family & found a $5 bill on the ground. I used the money I found to buy a Happy Meal then gave it to a homeless gentleman along the Truckee River. My photography business isn’t just about beautiful landscapes. It’s also about inspiring others by capturing the outdoor adventures that happen in life. Have a great day everyone :).



Autumn Sunset Reflection




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