Evening stroll along Hunter Creek Reservoir, Reno NV

Rochelle and Elias’ Wedding

Congratulations to Rochelle and Elias! It was a gorgeous summer day at a beautiful outdoor venue with family and friends. The bride looked stunning in her white dress and the groom looked handsome in his military uniform. It was an honor to capture these moments with my photography assistant/sister Chelsey Reid. This was my first wedding as the main photographer. It was an incredible experience and I’m grateful I got to photograph Mr. and Mrs. Perez’s special day.

Stunning Sunsets and Sunrises at Virginia Lake, Reno NV

Having fun under a Lake Tahoe Sunset

The Fletcher Wedding

I had the honor of photographing my family friends’ wedding at Bella Rose Estate, a gorgeous venue in Phoenix Arizona. Congratulations Kris and Glen!

Fall Family photo shoot

Fall in love with Autumn

Fall in love with Autumn is a project of mine that I started last fall. I wanted to inspire people with nature’s beauty during this colorful season. I’m excited to capture more photos of leaves changing this year and share them with my followers. Enjoy.

Bucket List Dreams – Great Reno Balloon Race Wedding

Had my first wedding photo shoot at the Great Reno Balloon Race and had the chance to ride in a hot air balloon for my first time. Making bucket list dreams happen. Grateful for the adventure and amazing opportunity. More photos to come. IMG_7432-0.JPG




Incredible Sunset to start the Labor Day Weekend




Surreal tree reflection on the water.

A morning run leads to these surreal tree reflections on the water.



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