My Photography Adventure


A journey of outdoor adventures and bucket list dreams!
Outdoor Photography | Events | Content Creator

Alana Reid Photography inspires people and brightens someone’s day with passionate photos of landscapes and special events.

With my zest for nature and life, I created my own photography business Alana Reid Photography. My passion for capturing the beautiful outdoors developed into people displaying my photos in their home or office, creating content for social media and capturing special moments at company events, weddings and family portraits. It also became a marketing aspect for businesses and news stations.

City of Reno utilized my sunrise photo in their Virginia Lake project. Textizen included a sunset I captured over Virginia Lake in their blog City of Reno Opens Dialogue on Virginia Lake Improvement Project. I was honored that my photos helped promote nature’s beauty and improve the water quality of Virginia Lake. My photography has also been recognized nationally and locally.

A winter landscape that I took was published on USA Today’s Facebook page, on USA Today’s Your Take  in their Winter Photo Gallery, and USA Today’s newspaper. My Snow Flower picture was featured on USA Today’s Twitter account. Two of my photos were aired live on a weather segment by KTVN Channel 2 News and KOLO 8 News Now. Several of my pictures were featured as the Facebook cover photo for news stations KRNV News 4, KTVN Channel 2 News, and again as KTVN Channel 2 News’s cover photo.

Get inspired and capture the moment by taking this photography journey with me. Check out my online gallery at or follow me on Instagram.

Thank you for being a fan.

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